A poem written by a client:
Call Bob Rowling
He’s your man
If he can’t resolve it
No one can.

When big insurance companies
Lower the boom
Bob will help them
Dig their tomb.

He’s a good ole’ boy
On the right side
And he’ll take that fight
And turn the tide.

He’ll get that settlement
In a timely way
And in the end
He’ll save your day!!
November 20, 2013

Letter written by a client:
“I am so happy I picked the right attorney! You and everyone there stuck by me and my grand-babies. Thank you for not giving up on us. I am so grateful to be able to put some money away for them from their mom… Thanks again!”
November, 2013

Letter written by a client: :
“Thanks for having been so nice to my mom and me. You’re the only one that believed in her. Last night, I went out for a quiet birthday dinner and I wore the big bling ring that she bought in Florida, so she was with me. Today, I am going to the nursing home to plant a Potentilla for my mother. It’s a new color called Rosebud. I know that you worked really hard for us. Thanks again for being an upstanding lawyer.”
August 23, 2011

Letter written by a client:
“I don’t know about being a classy lady or even a world class lady (as Bob described me), but I do know I’ve had the best people representing me during the last two years. I don’t know if I could have done this without the caring and support of Robert Rowling. There really are no words to express my deepest sincere thanks to you. It was certainly a pleasure having you as my attorney.”
January, 2014



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